An etalon is an optical interferometer in which a beam of light undergoes multiple reflections between two reflecting surfaces, and the resulting optical transmission (or reflection) is periodic in wavelength. Etalons can be considered a narrowband wavelength filter and can be used as precise wavelength references in telecommunication applications where the periodicity of the signal provides an array of reference frequencies for the telecommunication frequency grid.

OYEAH create etalon simulation software and we focus on etalon application theory analysis,including etalon diffraction analysis,central wavelength temperature drift of etalon,double&treble cavities etalon theory,etc.


  • WDM/DWDM Compensation
  • Wavelength Locker
  • Tunable Laser
  • Dispersion Compensation


Material Fused Silica,Quartz,Schott Zerodur glass,Silicon
Clear Aperture ≥85% ≥95%
Dimension Tolerance ±0.1mm ±0.02mm
FSR Tolerance ±0.02GHz for 50-100GHz, ±0.04GHz for 100-200GHz
Surface Quality(S/D) 20-10 10-5
Parallelism Less than 1 arcsec
Assembly Optical bonding
Coating AR<0.2%@CWL, PR±0.5%@CWL, HR>99.5%@CWL

Other material ,sizes, tolerance and coatings are also available upon request.